Race Around The Site

The race is on! From now until 4pm (AEST) you can score 30% off all dresses. The catch? You’ve got to find the code! We’ve hidden 7 letters in 7 different dress product pages and once you find all the products the letters reveal the code!

Each clue is a hint at the dress name the letter is in. Letters can be found in products in chronological order and are in the first 3 pages of our “Dresses” category.

Your clues:
1. The dress you want day and night
2. The dress you’ll fall madly in love with
3. The dress you need when you’ve got to impress
4. A dress for a girl named Prue
5. Find your paradise in this dress
6. If you were a flower, you’d bloom in this dress
7. The perfect dress for revenge

Okay: GO

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